Feeler: 1983 Regal Limited Base 3.8 Rust-Free Project Car (in GA)


Feb 17, 2006
I wanted to post this out there and see what/if any interest there was in it. We're looking at picking up another new car at the end of the month, and some extra down payment to lower the monthly amount wouldn't hurt. Here's the description (sorry its long):

The car itself is a 1983 Regal Limited. Its been a southern car its whole life, has a CLEAN TITLE and, is RUST FREE. I have never seen or has one of these cars that was this rust free. The bolts come apart smooth and easy without penetrant, it is actually the easiest thing to work on I ever had. I had the engine started and it runs GREAT, smooth and strong, although did idle high due to the vacuum leaks present with the broken connectors near the cruise control. Has 80-something thousand original miles, and like I said, RUST FREE car, nothing on the frame rails, nothing on the door lips. Rear fillers were replaced with fiberglass units that look and fit like original.

Dark brown metallic exterior, dark brown pillowtop interior, mw/ml, a/c, cruise.

It's history: to my knowledge we are the third owners. First owner was in North Carolina, an elderly couple who bought it new, and when they stopped driving owner #2 bought it for his elderly mother in the early 2000s with ultra low miles. (Off the top of my head is was around 20-30k). Owner #2 went through the car and replaced or redid anything he could think of to try and make it relaible for his mom, and most of his receipts are in the folder for the car: it had new brake work, with new mastercylinder/booster, a new a/c compressor, a rebuilt transmission, lots of stuff done to keep it in tip top shape over the decade plus they had the car. If a small issue came up, in the car went to a shop in central Georgia to be dealt with. Ultimately, his mom passed away at the end of last year, and one of the sons borrowed the car briefly in December. That is where I came in, for you see, that son rear-ended someone in the car damaging the front clip on a high hit didn't even affect the bumper on the impact (but did when separating the cars after as it had slid underneath, it pulled the top lip forward somewhat and scuffed the chrome.)

Here is what I've had done: replaced inner and outer fenders both sides (passanger had small crease at top from core support bending) core support, hood with used original parts from low mileage cars and are rust-free. New hood shocks. Header panel is from a 1985 regal for updated appearance. Water pump was replaced with new A/C delco.

What I have bought for the car, but have not yet installed: OEM radiator fan/clutch and A.I.R. pump, radiator shroud upper and lower as used pieces. Also have new-in-box spectra premium gas tank with the fuel injection baffles and new in box sending unit. (the original gas tank has a pancake dent into it that apparently occurred during towing recovery) Have a brand new spectra premium radiator for the car, along with the small rubber mounts to hold it. New in box A/C delco air conditioning condenser. Also bought a complete used front bumper assembly - bumper shocks, reinforcement, chrome face bar, bumperettes, 86-87 air dams, triangular brace kit, although the only part that *needs* to be installed is the chrome face bar itself, good shocks and rust free reinforcement are already on the car. Also purchased large front sway bar and factory rear sway bar that can go with the car.

What I have not yet bought for the car: the cruise control release valve, a little part that bolts to the side of the transducer, had the plastic nub that attaches to the vacuum lines break in the accident. It will need to be rebuilt or pulled from a 1980-1983 GM car/truck with factory cruise control. The power steering pump pulley does not rotate straight, my plan was to source a new pump and pulley unit to be on the safe side. The car will need new front bumper fillers as the 1985 header panel assembly did not have any. Depending on your tastes, the radiator hoses are a couple years old and probably should just be replaced for the $30 or so it will cost when everything is put together.

Other work I can think of that it will need: obviously paint on the front clip, the above parts installed, and the front driver's door lip near the fender has a slight bend from the accident damage, although when blending the new paint that will take care of covering any straightening work that is done first.

Price: may be more than it is worth to anyone here.

Option a: I'd sell it if I could get back what I've spent since February on it, which currently stands at $2,819 with the above mentioned parts.

Option b: I can add, if desired, a brand new set of four Michelin Defender tires, still on the stickers and never mounted, in 205/70/r14 size which is speedometer accurate, for an extra $484 (total of $3,303)

And of course, there is always option c, which is we could fill the trunk with a bunch of misc parts that are around the garage for an additional price to be worked out... mostly just stock body/interior stuff for these cars.

Located in East Cobb Co. Georgia.
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