Fender roller for TB community


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Feb 21, 2010
Merry new year and all fellas.
I have a Fender roller I bought few years ago and aint needing it for now.
Im offering to send out to anybody in community that needs to use, then they will ship to next
Im in N california and will ship for next guy but shipping will be paid by them.
LMK if this is right place to make this offer.
thanks guys


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i kind of expect it. But if a couple guys can use it I'm happy.
We used it on about 3-4 cars and its been under a bench for a while.
Im cleaning out garage and this was with a bunch of front end suspention parts I will probably throw away too.
As long as it gets used its all good.
The price on one of those fender rollers has come down. You can get one from Amazon for about 40 bucks. But I applaud you for making such a gracious offer to other turbo Buick enthusiasts. It's nice to see someone just trying to help out.
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dam, well thanks for that
wouldn't want to screw anybody without knowing i'm screwing them.
well if anybody is local they can have it
i'm in sf bay area.