Field Day (long)



So I went to the track for the first time ever tonight. I didn't have my slicks, so I was in the street class.

The first time trial (we get three at this 1/8th miler) I line up against this early-mid eighties pustang. I wasn't expecting much from him. So we stage and go, and I whoop him w/ a 8.39@85mph w/ a 1.9 60 ft, to his 10.3@68mph. Worthless.

Next trial, I kinda got picked by a local, they line up by the staging lanes, and jump in by a car they think they can beat when we are lining up. So this chick in a 68 or so oldsmobile wagon lines up with me. I'm clueless as to what she was running, but it wasn't much, cause I spanked her with a 8.43@85mph with a crappy 2.0 60 ft, to her 9.74@74mph. I left with like 5 lbs of boost, and the BFGs couldn't handle it. I also red lighted pretty bad, but oh well. Rookie mistake

Third trial I tried to line up with this 90's 5.slow across the way from our pit, and ended up being shuffled next to a drag bike. I really got beat, he ran like a 6.4 or something, and I ran like a 8.41@85mph. It was cool though.

So there is an intermission, and we start eliminations, and I get lined up next to the same crappy mustang as the first time.:rolleyes: So I go and red light with a .470 light, and a crappy 2.2 60ft time, but 86mph. I was tuning the whole time, gradually turning down the fuel pressure, cause I had 0 knock according to the scanmaster. I woulda got faster if I woulda had more runs. Next week, w/ slicks:D

On the way home, this twin turbo stealth zings by at like 120, and nails the brakes to turn on the same road I'm turning on, so I'm like "you're gonna get it" and ride his ass until it's clear to pass, we are both doing like 75, I pulled out, he punches it, and I burned him good, get out about 10 carlenghts in front of him, doin' like 130, and tap the brakes. He of course zooms by, and I just let him, knowing there are curves coming up. He almost takes out 400 yards of corn getting around those turns, so I was way back.

It was the most fun and most racing I have ever done, AND I LOVE IT! Can't wait to hit a 1/4 mile! Anyone know what I might run in the quarter if I'm doin 8.3's@86mph in the eigth? sounds like I might be fast!:)
Originally posted by GNJeremy
Anyone know what I might run in the quarter if I'm doin 8.3's@86mph in the eigth? sounds like I might be fast!:)

High 12s to low 13s.