Finially getting some tuning time in, (SMC)


One heck of a Tim!
May 25, 2001
I've been experimenting with a 1-3 mixture of toulene, and de-natured alchy respectively, with 2 ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil In the SMC kit. Yesterday with the engine coolant at 140*, ambient temps at 55* I hit 25 psi (from a roll, still in first gear) with no knock. (94 octane) Activation was at 15psi, spray speed in the 10 o'clock position. (this is an older kit with the blue pot inside for adding to the pump speed, but I never fooled with it. I do however have the up graded braided line, with the teflon lining)I'm using a Hemco plenum, so that is kinda like 27PSI, if you believe what they say. I'm using the Trans +, and Extender chip, everything set on zero (made no changes to the base settings, at all), timing is 18* 0-2's were .860, at 70 mph, when I let out of it. That was yesterday. I just put the EGT probe in today, and saw 1330*, at 60 mph, but had to get out of it due to the radar detector going off.

I'm off for a weeks vacation, then I will resume tuning, to see if I really need the toulene. I've never tuned with de-natured, so could be that I will see the same results with it...

This is about 4psi better that I've ever gotten out of it...
Ok, I'm back from vacation! It seems the toulene is not needed, at least not with the ac-43 plugs I am using. The problem now is that gas mileage has dropped to 15, interstate driving.

I'm wondering if I should gap the 43's to .0035, from .0032, 0r go to 44's. Then I wonder what would be a good gap for them, (the 44's)since I had ac-45's in previously.

Any suggestions?
Hey finally someone else who admits to getting only 15 miles per gallon. Just finished clocking salvageV6 same thing.

I gap my 43's at .035", .0035" is kinda small. ;)

I'm only at 21 psi. max. though....