firebird + supercharger from GTP=


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Dec 2, 2009
So I have a 86 s10 that is motorless and I can get my hands on the blower/wiring harness/ecu from the gtp if need be. I got a free 3.8 out of a wrecked firebird from a friend that has a wrecking yard.

The issue Im having right now is that I need to find out how or if this is possible using the firebird motor with the gtp blower/wiring harness/ecu?

Then tuning this thing might be a problem also since now real dynos close by. However it is going to be a fun build.
you have to swap the heads from the gtp also along with the intake manifold and blower...wiring harness and pcm will work
what K Shef said above +

you will either need to cut out the firewall to allow space for the sc/tb/intake , or you will need to cut the sc inlet and redirect it to a location where the tb & intake fits without altering the firewall. You can go in the rwd swap section of Forum and I posted some pics of a few options in some of the most recent threads over there.

theres more I am sure but its a doable swap for sure , I have been paying attention to the rwd swap threads because I also would like to do a rwd at some point.

keep us posted and document it for those that will do it after you :biggrin:
alright lets see how much process I can get out of this damn thing and the power.
You need to modify the supercharger like this.


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