First kill this year.


Just getting started
i had just pulled into the gas station to get some gas and i start hearing some lowed revving and some one shouting you want any i look over its a trailblazer ss all black sounded real good i just smiled he pulled out and did a huge burn out so i decided to chase after him since i really haven’t gotten to have any fun in it since its been at the tranny shop almost all of last year and into this year i see him in the left turn lain i pull up behind him he starts to rev it up we turned got next to each other i let him hit it he gets about 2-3 cars ahead when i hit it i really didn’t think i would get him im still having problems with the car and it seems to take forever to spool but as soon as the turbo was in i pulled him like he was just sitting their we pull into a parking lot and he says he thought he had me and that he’s never seen a white grand national.
Makes ya feel good all over.

So they're White Grand Nationals huh? Learn something new every day.