First runs with new engine


Last year I wasted my crank at the track while power braking and running up the boost at the line. Found out that previous owner had messed with the line pressure in the trans which forced the TC forward. So by-by thrust bearing and crank shaft. Took the car out to the 1/8 th mile track and decided not to boost at all at the line (for fear of it happening again) first night out. As a result 60' time sucks, 2.03 to 2.07. The good news is my trap speeds were fine, just over 95 mph.

R/T ... .079
60' ... 2.07
330'... 5.205
1/8 ... 7.75

What do you think I should be running now in both the 1/8 th and 1/4 if say, I boost up and do a 1.6 to 1.7 short time?
7.0's / 11.0's with a 1.5x 60'. Maybe on just the right run, if the temp if just right you might sneak into the high 6's or 10's if you get the tune right. My guess. I am trying to get there myself. I think you have a better cam but my turbo is larger but we have similar builds.