First Speeding Ticket


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Aug 6, 2001
Well I got my first speeding ticket Friday night. I was going 80 in a 65 mph zone. The fine is $181 and 4 points. I was wondering what you all could tell me about traffic court: what to expect/say, etc. I plan to try and get the points reduced as my record is completely clean prior to this and I REALLY don't need my insurance to go up on two vehicles.

Also, does overpaying a ticket really work to keep it off of your insurance record? How much would I need to overpay by?

Thanks for anything!

Oh by the way. . . is wasn't in the GN.

Can anyone recommend a good radar detector?:)
Definately plead not guilty. There is always the chance the ticket will be dropped, and if not, get a lawyer. My lawyer got 2 charges dropped, (no front license plate, and no registration in the car) and my "speeding" (60 in a 35) reduced to "unreasonable speed," which was only 90 dollars, and carries no points on my license.:p
Or go to church with the judge and have him be a family friend... that always helps :) Worked for me.
I've always heard if you go to court and the officer that wrote you the ticket does not show they drop the charges. Never tried it though:D
My car was doing a little stall after i put some subpar gas in it (almost out, had to) I hit a 4-way stop and punched it... Failed to notice the crown vic with a light bar behind me. He said I should have kept going, because he couldnt catch up, but he also said it wasnt a good idea. Then he told me state police had been looking for my car (at this point I had it for a month). I got pulled over 8 times in 2 months in my car when i first got it. 2 speeding ( 78 in 55 (ticket) and a 46 in a 45), 2 exhaust, 2 stereo, and 2 for my license plate being half torn off (temp plates and pressure washers dont go well together.
I usually pay them and move on, but that's just me. However, with my last one, I figured I'd give it a shot.
I called the PD and asked about just where to go, and they said that you either pay the ticket by the date on it, or you can *request* a court date. I guess that's to save the cop's time so they are sure to be there for the ones who won't just pay up.
(For local guys, this was in Flowood).

I think the overpaying thing is a myth, but it only costs a dollar to find out. ;) I've never had a ticket affect my insurance, they only check your record if you get a new policy (like when I got a life ins policy) or go to a new company. Lucky for me! :D

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Congratulations! You broke your cherry!
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i've gotton 3 speeding tickets in the past 2 years...i just pay them...2 points per ticket...had to take an online driver's improvement course...completing it knocked off 4 points...i'm only 21 and i've had 3 tickets, 2 accidents (one was my fault, but i only wrecked myself into a ditch) so you can only imagine how much i pay for insurance...for the GN and my 88 ford ranger truck together cost $225/month and that's with the ranger having just liability!!!:eek:

oh yeah...radar detectors aren't everything...i had one for all 3 times i was pulled over...guess what, the cop each time flipped on the radar at the last second and didn't even give me a chance to slow down...the only way to stop cops completely is to get a scrambler and even then if you are really speeding fast a cop can still pull you over for unreasonable speed and not even clock you...ask me how i know this:rolleyes:
I just got a ticket last night for "disordly conduct".....or what i call peeling out. It was only a $170 ticket:mad: I despise Wisconsin even more now. and as far as radars, I've heard good stuff about the Valentine One. If my money would stop dissapearing I'd be all over one of those.
I don't know about your state but in MD the best thing to use if it is your first speeding tickit is PBJ probation before judgement. Its a great thing! You get the points dropped and the fine is reduced a lot! All you get is probation for a year I believe and that small fine, If you are younger you may get drivers improvement also. My EX GF had court a few months ago and her tickit was almost as bad as yours and all she got was the small fine, probation (PBJ) and drivers improvement > becasue she was 19.
There's hotly debated threads on both these topics, but here's my .02:

1) Fight the ticket. Obviously your results will vary, but *usually* you can improve your situation and you can't do any worse. Consult a lawyer. You'll get back the cost of the lawyer in lower insurance premiums when he gets you off that 4-point ticket.

2) Valentine One makes a really nice, albeit expensive radar detector. At one point in time it was hands down the best there was. BEL and Passport (made by Escort) work just as well depending on which test you read. Neither have the directional arrows like the Valentine but can be had for almost half as much if you shop around. I have a Bel Vector 980 (since been replaced by the 985) and it works awesome. Doesn't false much and gives me plenty of warning. It's paid for itself, without exaggeration, 10 times over. Just don't get cocky with it - always drive sensibly.

Good luck.

The over pay thing is BS!

A lawyer is overkill for a speeding ticket - IMO

Go to court, this is NOT an attempt to not "own up" to your responsibility. The rules permit you to explain any mitigating circumstances and it often, even with a poor excuse, a reason to reduce the penalty or dismiss the case. Besides if the cop does not show (the man's responsibility) you are out!

Tickets are no big deal unless you get lots of'em. I have not done as I preached because I have only had maybe two tickets in the past 12 years. In my case the tickets were about as minor as they get 15 - 20 over the limit, and since there was no risk of drivers license trouble until several tickets build within three years in MD, I did not bother with court. If I had nothing else to do I would have gone mostly because traffic court can be funny.
My .02 is obvious, but does not seem to have been properly stressed yet. ALWAYS look for any incorrect information on the ticket. I've seen friends ditch out on thousands of dollars in tickets over the years just by finding something that the cop noted incorrectly. Example, a buddy of mine got a ticket for not having insurance in his orange/rust-colored Nova and (probably because it was dark) the cop wrote on the ticket that it was red in color......that ticket was dropped immediately.
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Do you really expect the judges to be any better than the cops.:eek:
well expect - yes, believe is another issue

Yeah, I wasn't too suprised to learn that the cops, judges, lawyers, prosecutors and public PRETENDERS all hang out and party together. Also sit around and talk about how they are going to fry some crook the next day.

A couple years back I was in some trouble. So I hired this attorney with a good rep in my town. My cousin and I were out at one of the local bars one night and seen the lawyer I hired and the municipal prosecutor having a "REALLY" good time. I almost went over and spoke to him but didn't feel that was appropriate at the time. However, I can't forget how he preached that his "party" days were over years ago, he he he.
Originally posted by DCEPTCN
My .02 is obvious, but does not seem to have been properly stressed yet. ALWAYS look for any incorrect information on the ticket. I've seen friends ditch out on thousands of dollars in tickets over the years just by finding something that the cop noted incorrectly. Example, a buddy of mine got a ticket for not having insurance in his orange/rust-colored Nova and (probably because it was dark) the cop wrote on the ticket that it was red in color......that ticket was dropped immediately.

This is great, I love to hear instances like this:)
O.K Here's my advice. Mind you i was an NYPD cop for 5 yrs . As far as a Lawyer , thats up to you and how much you want to go , if your not sharp(no offense there) and dont have a good plan thats a good idea. Not a sure thing though as i beat one once myself . You may be able to get the ADA, prosecutor or what ever your state calls them to lower the speed , basicaly your wheeling and dealing to avoid court ,(good for them they dont have to waste$$ and time and good for you if your reduced to a lower speed or points ) they may lower the points , fine etc. That may not work either . If you should get to court the only way your going to get off is like some others have said by the cop making errors or his details being off . For instance you can contest the way the speed was determined , radar , pacing , how and when was the radar or laser calibrated, did he use it right , when was he recertified, weather, traffic conditions ,close to the end of his tour maybe he was tired and made a mistake , get the picture . Did the officer lose site of the vehicle .Ex he sees you traffic and dosent catch up to you until 3 miles down a blind curve with two exits in between . Maybe the speeder got off and he mistook you for the other guy . Its all depending on your own case . Thats where the lawer is going to pay off if your not good on your own . You are alowed to question the officer regarding your case . Depending on your state you may not get to court for a while if you plead not guilty . A little info on a situation of my own I got a speeding ticket on Ocean parkway here in N.Y it runs along Jones beach , not really travelled at 11pm on a week night . Seemed like the perfect road to take and test out my newly 10 point caged ,road race type set up camaro . Well after taking the traffic circle at a good speed i got stoped by a NYS Parks police officer who was not sypthetic to the cause , even after finding i was a former officer and being courtious during the stop, and ticked me for 100mph , the way he wrote it i thought it was for 60 but later at court found out it was 100 , a one next to a zero kinda looked on my copy like 60, anyway the best the ADA would do was 75 in a 55 still way to high so i told him to mark it for trial . Mind you i recived the ticket on July 23 , 1999 , still have not heard from them since marking it for trial, this cop may be retired by the time it gets to court , transfed upstate , plus i have a carefully planed with a map and pictures defense . Of course ill have to ask that it be dismissed, 4 years + is not the speedy trial im entiltled to , so ill see what happenens , if i get screwed ohh well . Who dares wins ..... well sometimes ;)