First time at the track


Sep 20, 2003
I'll be heading down to the local dragstrip Wednesday for a little "test and tune" session. As this will be my first experience, I figured I'd fire off a few questions, I am sure I can learn a lot more from this group.
What kind of air pressure should I run in a set of BFG Drag radials 275-50?
Does anyone run without a line lock or transbrake? I've ordered a line lock from Jeg's, but it won't be here in time to install. Am I going to end up destroying my rear drums just to heat the tires? Here's my setup:

87 GN Stock IC, SMC alky, adj FPR, stock injectors, 30# strip chip, stock turbo, 3" THDP, 3" Single shot w/ cutout, power plate, 8" K&N, torque strap. Weld draglites w/ skinnies up front and drag radials. I've had pretty good luck running about 46# FP. It seems to run better that way.

Any idea on what kind of times I might expect? I guess I'd be happy with high 12s, but not really knowing what's going to happen.

Thanks for any tips or advice as I am a nubie to the whole drag racing world.
Run as much tire pressure as you can that still sticks.

Start at 20 psi and work your way down. It takes horsepower to haul
an almost flat tire down the track.

I run 18lbs in my 255/16 BFG DR. I 60ft 1.60.

I launch at 4psi. Anything more I blow the tires off or it pushes through the lights. At 4psi, I am about 3500 rpm.

I run 43 psi on the FP w/ line off.
Stock turbo, stock injectors, stock intercooler.
If you add straight 104 fuel and get the boost to 20psi on those tires you should get to high 12s with a good sixty foot no problem
I was running 12.70 at 110 with radials with the above done about 7 years ago.

Now youve got a smc alky kit, hopefully its a newer high pressure pump.
Your gonna make alot of power at 20-25psi of boost, and 23-28° of timing.

Currently my car has a smc kit, hopefully my new progressive controller will be here tomorrow, runs mid 12s on radials :biggrin:

I have a TT chip 28° in first and tapers to 25° on the top end but im only running 20psi...

Willing to bet you get a 12.89 at 106 at the track