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Anyone know what the fitting/flare size is of the rear brake line at the master?
Thanks in advance...
So if i where to buy and adapter fitting to adapt the factory rear brake line to the new master it be 9/16 for the brake line side then correct?
I am changing customer car out to a strange /mopar style m/c
I did this to mine years ago with great results minus the 10lb residual valve for the rear drums.
so I just need to adapt the factory line to the valve...


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I have bought the CCP part number 45045 for a long time. The larger 9/16-18 adapter included with the part number has recently been machined incorrectly and will not work with a stock 1/4" diameter line. They mistakenly machines it to work with 3/16" diameter brake line and will leak if using the stock 1/4" diameter brake line. You will need to call CCP directly to see if they have correctly it. From experience, it will be best to buy directly from CCP, as you may be waiting a long time if order through summit racing, jegs, etc. because the order will be shipped directly from CCP anyway.

The other alternative for a correct sized 9/16-18 IF adapter is from Brakequip. PN# BQ261 is a 3/8-24 IF Male to 9/16-18 IF Female. PN# BQ260 is the other line fitting with a 3/8-24 IF Male to 1/2-20 IF Female. This fitting (BQ260) had a design change that only mated it with a 1/4" brake line instead of a 3/16" diameter brake line. This actually will give you a nice brake line leak at the fitting. The design changed has been corrected to work with stock 3/16" diameter lines, but the fittings should not be available until next month

Hope this helps.

Yes this helps a lot! thanks!!!....I was hoping to just adapt everything up but, cutting and reflaringing with a different end might be the quick fix....snow is coming...gotta get it done and out!