Fitting Sizes


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May 25, 2001
Since it doesn't look like anytime soon that Snyders will get my motor done, I think I'm gonna go ahead and solve that "12 inches of rubber hose problem" for the track. So I'm going to order some braided line and fittings. Does anyone out there know what size pipe fittings are used for the fuel supply to the rail and the return from the regulator? Also, what size fittings are on the tranny lines?

The fitting below the F.P. reg. and on the rail inlet is the Saginaw type. You'll need the special Sag.-to-AN type carried/sold by Kinsler, Modern Muscle(dunno if Ramchargers got 'em), I believe PTE, Accel and ?? I forgot the actual sizes but think rail inlet is 3/8" Sag. and f.p. reg. is 5/16" Sag.

Dunno if ya wanna hack the Sag. fuel rail inlet off and braze maybe a Stainless 8 or 10AN?

Sorry, don't know the specific sizes that you're going to need. However, Hydra-Air Pacific should be able to help supply the stuff you need when you get the sizes.:D Also, D&M Hydraulics may also be a good place to look.
Both are listed in the phone book. I think Hydra-Air has a better selection of stuff. They helped me get stuff for my alky system. Hope this helps a little.