Fixed BLM's Problem.


May 25, 2001
blm's use to peg to 160 chased the problem for a long time, got a new check valve that goes to the canister and replaced along with a AC delco PCV valve, TPS set to 4.6 at idle, aic counts of 18 at idle put in a new LT1 Maf with TRanslater and now blm's are a steady 128 :) , i dont think the Translater and NEW Maf did it, the stock one was working just fine, but a bad pcv valve non AC delco will raise your blm's a good 10 points, and if you have a bad check valve chances are you have a bad selenoid as well, what i did worked for me. good luck you BLM'ers.
there are 2 check valves, little tiny ones on a vacumm hose has a black side and a gray side, its suppouse to only blow one way not both ways, one is located right before the canister and the other one is located by the egr valve. take a close look you will find them.