Flamethrower exhaust


Feb 15, 2004
How did folks set this up "back in the day"? I know that a spark plug with an oil burner tip was incorporated but that is all I know about it.
It was just on tv last weekend. I did not see all of it, but basically some type of switch shuts off the motor when power goes to the plugs in the exhaust, firing the unburned fuel that just passed through your motor without igniting.
A neighbor of mine, a young kid with a V6 Camaro tried to wire one of these up himself.
He used the LP bottle from his parents gas BBQ grill and tapped it into his tail pipe with a nipple thingie.
Then he bought a push button ignitor for a gas grill and mounted it next to the gear shift lever.
It worked, sort of...
The flame just bubbled out of the tail pipe.
There was no "throwing" or shooting force to the flame.
I gotta say, in terms of running the lines, he did an excellent job.
(I was waiting for him to set his place on fire; which he did, but that was a different incident and totally unrelated to his home conceived exhaust flames.)
I got this kit on my 59 Ford.It's got a coil and sparkplug mounted in the exhaust,Wires into the ignition and shuts the motor off when you rev it up then hit the button.I had video of it but my old computer crashed and i lost it.