Floor pan rot


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Mar 11, 2002
I was removing the interior of my car for the installation of a 8 point roll cage. When I pulled the carpet out I found that the pinch welds where all eat up with rust . So it appears that I am going to have to replace a major part of the floor pan and the rear wheel wells. My question is this .. do you guys think it would be better to repair my car's floor pans or just buy any other car and transplant my driveline? I am looking for the most cost effective way to deal with this problem.


David Morgan

1987 Turbo T
most all of them you find will have some rot.

a friend of mines car was real bad so we bought a parts car regular regal and cut the floor pans out to put in his.

i found that the elcamino store is selling floor pans for 78 up elcaminos which are pretty much the same as the regals.

once i get the interior out of the regal in my back yard i'll compare every detail of the floor with the one in my elcamino cause i know several people have been looking for floor pans.
Thanks Red ....keep me posted .. sorry to hear about your bad luck with the 51's .. I am personally looking at the 54's or a ta 61 ... haven't made up my mind yet ..

David Morgan

87 Turbo T
I found a place up here in Canuck-land that sells floor 'tubs' for our cars. I believe they are 26" wide and 60" long, thus running between the tranny tunnel and door sills. I think they were about $350 cdn each...what's that, about $60usd ea :D
If you want to explore this route PM/e-mail me and I'll look further into it for you.
David, I head out of town on Monday and will look into this when I get back...not too much I can do on Easter weekend anyhow.
heres were the floor pans are

click on floor pans and go down to 78-87

you might can call them and ask if they are any different than the regal pan...i have looked at both and havent seen a difference but i'll be able to compare them possible later on this week if the rain ever goes away..