Flu mist


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May 31, 2001
Apparently this new strain of flu is some killer stuff from China. Figures, damn commie virus. My area is completely out of the vaccine, as I hear is most of the country now. Apparently there is some kind of flu mist or something, anybody know anything about this stuff?? Is it prescription only? Do you just get one snort and good to go? And most importantly does it work? I really don't need the flu this year and I screwed around and failed to innoculate myself, TIA.
Don't sweat it.

Medical science doesn't have any kind of cure for virii....yet.

Recently I was at my doctors....he asked me if I wanted a flu shot. I asked him if he had one and he replied no. And his nurse also said no when asked the same question. I told them I'd get one when they did. :D

My opinion is that flu shots, which apparently don't do anything towards curing the flu, are a VERY lucrative business.
i'm not sure about the flu mist, i've heard of it before. I do know theres some stuff called zicam for colds, i think its made by the same people. that stuff is great! 2 squirts a day and a cold is gone in 2-4 days insted of the usual week. If the flu stuff is half as good its worth a shot. but i don't think it would do quite the same thing as a shot, i think its for once you have the flu, but i'm no doctor read the box.

no flu shot here either.
I didn't used to get flu shots, but after both my son & I lost 7-9 days of leisure time over Xmas break 5-6 yrs ago, I said "that's it".

Since getting flu shots, we've never been seriously incapacitated by flu .... moderate cold at the worst.

I think one's more at risk if you're a high school or college student (like my son) ... too much close contact leading to rapid spread of some viruses.

I'm fairly convinced of flu shot's efficacy.

For similar reasons, bacterial meningitis shots are now recommended (but not required) for entering college students. It's been standard practice in military for many years.
'Round here they're telling us that if you didn't get a shot by now then you can't get one - no more stuff left.

After those kids in Colorado died my wife and I figured we should get shots. Our 1-month old daughter is too young, but my 3-year old son got one. Doctors told my wife and I that we were SOL. Children and the elderly are most at risk for serious flu-related problems. Especially those with weak respiratory systems (i.e., those with asthma).

We've never had one before, so hopefully we'll be okay without it this season, too.