main bearings


Texas, Where are you from
so I searched up and read up on bearings and clearances. I have it in my head that my rod journals have been cut .020 as measured and the main journals cut .010 this is a used crank so I didn't get the cut n polish and am just measuring with the mics I have . used the bore gauge I bought to measure a couple rods and some of the mains. this is where the math took me. I bought a set of .020 under rod bearings and need to get some .010 under main bearings. this brings me to what appears to be an out of stock condition. I was clued in to the acl brand and the manufacture of said brand in Australia. this allows them to continue to used a trimetal unit where I read the USA stuff couldn't because of the lead restrictions here. is this a thing? any ideas or other tri metal brand I should be looking at?

ACL 4M960P-10 is what I am seeking​

also looked for some nos Michigan 77 in that size these have apparently become clevite77

thanks for any input.
was bought as a stock crank. I guess I need to look at it closer . been a while since I took it out and measured it.
just a stock build with two dot rods, 109 block, and some 8445 heads unless I come across something budget ported or win the lottery.