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Buy off a high government official, his sons, and relatives.
Rig an election by crushing any info of this.
Ruin the election of any non bought off candidate by spreading false information.
Buy up and control farm land to cause a contrived food shortage, or worse, poison the food supply once hostilities start.
Import mass quantities of fatal recreational drugs to reduce the quantity and quality of draft age possible soldiers.
Concoct a potent virus from the research of the intended victim country bought or supplied by their corrupt government.
Then import said virus into the targeted country causing many deaths, lock downs, and general disruption of their economy, and at great costs to their government and citizens.
Make sure you have "bought off" enough high up health department leaders to help maximize the damage.
Encourage divisiveness between socio-economic cultures, ethnic races, sexes, and aberrant sexual behaviors to divert economic resources, and the public eyes from your intended goals.
Provide mass quantities of cheap, inferior goods to get the intended target country to close factories and rely on your exports of parts, goods, and most importantly, medicinal pharmacuticals.
Encourage small, unpopular wars with your allied countries, so that the target country will deplete their ammo, and military goods.
Study the target country's supplied military hardware so as to be able to exploit tactics, and any possible hardware weaknesses.
Send "accidential" intelligence balloons over the target country to gather intelligence data and gauge possible military response and readiness.
Encourage the "bought off" politicians to push and pass wherever possible, unpopular "woke" and "defund police" laws to make sure the good politicians and citizens are distracted.
Scandals, whether real, or manufactured are also very good at keeping the populace's attention diverted.
Keep up all of these tactics until the time is right, and the country is at its most divisiveness, and weak.
Aid the clandestine import of tactical weapons (small nukes?) from sympathetic countries to target important infrastructure, such as dams, powerplants,and manufacturing hubs.

Interestingly enough, I wrote a screenplay about a similar scenario about 35 years ago and was "encouraged" to bury (not pursue) it by several agencies in "the interest of national security"
and my possible longevity.
It was my wish to be the next "Tom Clancy" style writer.
Instead, I make cars and boats faster, and wonder where I would be now if I had pursued my fictional, and not my tech magazine writings.