Buicks@Bates 2020 - Official Kickoff Thread


Feb 22, 2009
Come One, Come All!

NEW DATE: Aug 7th 2020

It’s that time again! This is your 60 day call for the 27th Annual Buicks at Bates car show and gathering.

Mike and I are optimistic that the dreaded COVID19 virus that is creeping all around will hopefully have blown over and we can dust off our hissers and get together once again. We are actively knocking down vendor doors and collecting loot for this years show and want to see everyone there...government permitting of course.

Did I mention we are only 60 days away from the 2020 Buicks@Bates gathering in San Diego on June 7th!

This year we are celebrating 28 years of this gathering, both at Deer Park and Bates combined! Come help make this the largest one yet and claim the title of "Largest" Turbo Buick gathering...period!

Come join the largest gathering of Turbo and Classic Buick's this side of the Mississippi (pushin' for the US!). Once again there will be fun for all ages, including the return of the Jump House, coloring contest, and other kid friendly activities.

Mike and I once again have been wooing the vendors(and twisting arms where necessary…) to boost the raffle loot inventory and make good on our commitment to grow this FREE event more each year. As always, every attendee driving a Buick powered vehicle will receive a FREE event T-shirt. Shirts will be handed out at the entry point to drivers and to other attendees after lunch if stock permits.

The vendor commitments are rolling in and this looks to be another killer raffle! There are some new vendors making their mark on our community with new products again this year!

Stay tuned for more info as we close in on yet another South Western Buick event.

Check out Buicks@Bates and http://facebook.com/buicksatbates for additional information including directions, hotel information, and venue rules & amenities.

Drive safe and we'll see everyone there!

Bates Nut Farm
15954 Woods Valley Rd
Valley Center, CA 92082
(760) 749-3333

P.S. - Stay tuned for a preview of this years t-shirt artwork...I have a feeling it will show up any second.

Eric and Mike
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This should be the motivation for some of you slackers, sitting home right now to get your Buicks up and running. They pulled the plug on the Bowling Green event this year. There is a good chance that this will be the Nation's largest gathering of Turbo Buicks. Say you were there when it happened. This year's epic poster and LONG SLEEVE T-shirt will be one of the most desired ever.

As said. June 7th is the "proposed" date for this event. Note: With current situations at hand, we may need to adjust the date of this event.
If it's not safe, we'll bump it back. However, This event will happen. T-shirts are being made. Vendors are on board. We need something positive to keep us tinkering on our cars. We need something to feel good about and bring us together.

On a safety note: The Turbo Buick Cartel has informed me that they will be providing sanitizing stations.
Complete with an agave cactus based disinfectant. They tell me that this is an oral treatment and can be re-administered if needed.

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Back by popular demand.

500 Fun Meters just showed up in a big box.

skydive santa hat 11-22-14 025.JPG
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