Fluid and Filter recommendations


Got Boost?

Hey guys my tranny has never been serviced, it has 82k on it now. I searched and read through all of the old posts about this and I'm still unsure(WE4, what do you use). Please post brands and types and why I should use them. Also, I was going to put in a tranny drain plug in, where should I put it?


What are you trying to accomplish? For a totally stock unit, Dextron and a quality filter have sufficed for many years. I'll try to list the upgrades in a logical order. Mounting the drain plug in the rear of the pan works well(not the governer cavity).


1. Dextron
2. Type F
3. Synthetic
4. Tractor oil

1. stock
2. 700
3. Bruce's innovative set up

1. Stock, with drain plug
2. Shallow aluminum pan
3. Deep aluminum pan
If my car has used Dextron for it's 70K mile life...can I just put type F in on the next filter/tranny fluid change? Will this not damage the parts of the tranny by changing "what it's already used to." I heard that this is preferred for it's "firmer shifts"
Can someone explain to me what the difference in properties are with the fluids listed. I can't even tell you why Type F is different. What is tractor oil and where do you get it?