Fluid out the vent?

I was told by one of the gurus that if it is coming out the vent the over pressure exits in that area and it could be that the overpressure is pushing fluid out the vent. This guru also told me to put a washer with a hole between the spring and rollpin in the pump as the roll pin can "cut" the spring and let pressure out at a lower pressure.
Do your transmissions tend to puke a little out the vent when slightly over full?

absolutely....there is a fine line on overfilling and a little more and it will come out the vent.
Take 1/2 quart out from where it is now and you will be close.

Seems like if you go any more than the bottom of the first bend after the full mark she will spit.
I like to run a length of vacuum hose on the vent to relocate it away from the exhaust.