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Jun 3, 2009
hello people; Any of you watching the Pats, Bears game. I would of never of thought how it's playing out.
I am not surprised at all.

I have been saying with all the quick/little/shifty guys we have and Bradys accuracy in the dink & dunk game that we would excell in the snow , been saying it for a month or so , welker , woodhead ,edelman and now branches precise short route running , with 2 sure handed tight ends that are taller than most defenders oh and green ellis ability to rush no nonsense straight ahead we are built to play in the wind/snow/cold - hey thats what you usually get in playoff games... hmmm

anybody remember how hard flutie was to defeat in winter weather ? greased little pigs are hard to catch man

what I didnt expect was to see tate catch passes well when the ball was all icy and his fingers cold - thats a bonus:biggrin: