for sale: 1987 Buick GN


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for sale: 1987 Grand National


I've decided to sell my GN.
It's an 87 hardtop.
160,000 but the motor and trans have been rebuilt (shifts really good)
a/c, p/w, p/l, p/s, power trunk release, tilt, cruise.
new; water pump, belt, hoses, t stat, u joints, moser axles, axle bearings, shifter handle, horn retainer,k+n filter, exhaust system.
car has a stock turbo, solid maf pipe, Optima battery.
needs paint or drive it daily (that's what I've been doing)
located in elkton,md.
bump. thanks for the pics. car looks good. any rust? any pictures of the headliner? i need to sell my car before i can get this. good luck!


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Needs paint? It looks great in the pictures. What is wrong with the paint? Faded, dull, bad repaint, scratches, scrapes, rust????
It's got some parking lot rash, minor dings and such. It also has a fair share of scuffs and scratches. There is a small rust spot starting on the windshield post and a couple of tiny bubbles at the bottoms of the quarters. It's good enough for a driver, but to be really nice it needs paint. Make me as reasonable offer.


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87 Gn

HI i have been looking for a grand national for awhile now i have a 87 t-type with many mods, i am looking to trade straight up for a GN, If interested let me know? the car needs paint like yours other than that it's in good shape.
Can you please send any other pics you have. Also, can you include your phone number and email address.

looks like the motor and trans have about 20,000 miles on them. A potential buyer was kind enough to send me the autocheck report and I compared the milage and date with the date the motor was purchased.
I went and took a look at this car today. Jerry's description is spot-on. The is an excellent driver and runs very well. I took it for a spin, the steering is tight, there are no squeaks or rattles, and the vacuum brakes work great. The car accelerates well with no out of the ordinary sounds from the engine, transmission, or rear. This car would be a great starter car for someone, because it is clean, unmolested, and drives well. Somebody buy this car!