FOR SALE: MINT analog 02777 (original low mileage) speedometer assembly for GN


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Oct 15, 2007
FOR SALE: MINT ORIGINAL analog speedometer cluster assembly with ULTRA LOW MILEAGE original reading 02777 - yes that's right - two thousand seven hundred and seventy seven - for 1986 to 1987 Buick Grand National, WE4, Turbo Regal Limited, T Type or Turbo T. This was removed from a 1987 Buick Grand National in January 1988 and has been sitting in indoor heated storage for the last 32 years! These come up for sale time to time but the majority of them have very high mileage - it is very rare to find one with this low original mileage. Back circuit board is like new! Please note speedometer assembly does NOT come with fuel gauge and tach/boost gauge. What is shown in pictures attached is what you get.

Please see FIVE photographs attached.

Price is $250.00 PLUS $25.00 shipping via USPS to anywhere within the Continental USA or Canada. Due to the current terrible events occurring please allow at least 4 to 8 business days to arrive to you. Will be sent with tracking number. Prefer payment by paypal but will accept USPS money order or personal check.

Please PM any questions. Thank you.


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I hope whoever you sold it too realize 86 and 87 where calibrated differently. Ask me how I know.
OK Frank, you have sparked my interest? Been at this game 28 years and have had many 86 and 87 speedo's.
I have never heard of this please let us in on it? Thanks Mike
I bought a unit removed from a so call 86 GN years ago . One night driving police pulled me over issued me ticket for 15 mi over speed limit . Only change was unit change. Before my court date I took car to calibration shop who informed me unit was off by 15 mph. I ended up paying the ticket. I did notice mph digits were different from 86 to 87. Maybe my unit needed calibration or maybe it came from reg Regal. At any rate have it checked. This was before scan tool days bye the way.l
it probably had a different colored speedometer gear in it vs your old one ...the gear in the cluster has to be paired to the govenor gear in the trans ...and rear wheel height is a factor in these gear combinations ...