For trade, or sale; 1990 Trans-Am ONE owner, TX car


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Dec 14, 2004
For trade, or sale; 1990 Trans-Am ONE owner, TX car
Trade value is around $8K

The car was originally a special order purchase from a dealer with special paint color, by a friend who passed away 3 years ago (RIP). Car was a DD and very well taken care off.

I purchased this car from his widow to replace a DD, but never transferred to the tittle because I quickly realized after 2 weeks that this didn’t fit my DD expectations. Wanted a low stress beater, and ended up with another DD. Tired of paying storage fees and need to thin the herd. (LOL)

The car a few paint blemishes but accident free with OEM paint. Zero rust on the car. Every receipt is included with the car; Every oil change, plug change, etc. Has upgraded BeCool radiator, tower struts, upgraded manifold, body suspension stiffening braces, upgraded chip, stereo, and more other parts than I really care to know about. Manual seats were upgraded to leather, but original seats and everything are included. Car has about 130K miles and was served by a local ASE shop before placed in storage (Distributor module/rotor/cap were replaced). AC has a small leak somewhere, and needs needs to be revisited. Tires have +90% thread. Inspection is expired and car has been in offsite storage for 18 months, but started/driven about every 2 months for about 14 miles. Car has cat and stock chip and had the shop confirm it will pass safety/emission testing. Car is ready to be driven ANYWHERE.

I am interested in a trade for a fresh and complete ready to use off center Aluminum SII short block. Documentation must support assembly by a reputable builder.

Not interested in SII iron blocks, LS motors, a dead hooker, or any other vehicle. Additional pics can be send to serious interested parties.

TA (3).jpeg TA (2).jpeg TA (4).jpeg TA (5).jpeg

TA (1).jpeg TA (6).jpeg
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