Ford Fiesta video, must see

Be like driving a slot car, that guy on the segway was nuts :eek:
I still disagree with the consumption of petroleum products...

By the way, that was bad@ss!
Wonder why he didnt use his STI?

He doesn't drive for Team Subaru anymore.

I've seen Ken Block and Travis Pastrana race in the Maine Forest Rally for the last 4 years.The Concord Pond leg of the race is only 10 minutes from my house.This year I didn't see the South Arm leg of the race.I was at the Concord Pond leg of the race wondering WTH is Ken.Apparently he rolled over on the South Arm leg and his Fiesta was destroyed so he didn't make it to Concord Pond. :frown: It is amazing watching those guys do about 80+ mph on gravel roads.
I've done 80+ on gravel roads. DIdnt dare take a corner though!

That's some bad ass driving there. I could do it:rolleyes: In the snow:biggrin:;)