Forged crank and rods?


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Aug 7, 2001
How much more power can my stock block support safely with the addition of a forged crank and rods? How much do these mods run? Is it worth the money? I have heard that about 600 hp is the this with forged crank and rods? Thanks for any help.
So far as I know, the rods aren't the problem. The crank is cast, the caps are cast, and the bottom of the block is weak. Everything seems to go to hell in a hand basket from about mid 11s on down.

Putting an expensive steel crank and aftermarket rods into a stock block, even one with cap and/or girdled, may be equivalent to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic...

Originally posted by strikeeagle
So far as I know, the rods aren't the problem. The crank is cast, the caps are cast, and the bottom of the block is weak. Everything seems to go to hell in a hand basket from about mid 11s on down.

Don't you mean mid 10's and down?
My opinion is, the block will let go before a set of forged crank and rods, if there is no detenation. I dont see spending thousands $$$$$ on forged pieces with stock blocks. The aluminum block from TA Performance looks like the way to go, if its still a goes for production.
no, he means 11.5 and down....not too many stock blocks able to run 10.5's.....based on the time in your signature, stop now or get ready to damage your net worth!
oh please! stock blocks can live a good long service life as long as they are built right and detonation is kept at bay. geez wouldnt everyone have stage 2 blocks by now if they all were dying at 11.5?!
how fast have you gone with yours???

the point is, stock blocks get real expensive to make faster at about 11.5 (stock weight car)....sure they will go faster, but it'll cost you!

at about 11.00 (stock weight!!!!!!!) I believe a Stage block would be cheaper than trying to keep the stocker together if raced seriously....
well lets see i bought the engine from one of Jack Cotton's customers and it was going into the 10's cosistently in a caged full weight gn all last season. my other gn has been living well in the 115-116 mph range for 3 years now and thats a stock block. like i said before would not everyone have stage 2 blocks by now if these engines died so easy at mid 11's? azgn wheres your stage block if stock ones are so bad?
I'll repeat my question, how fast have YOU gone?

116 is mid 11' sweat

how much did that 10 sec car weigh??

do it and then tell us about it!
guy calm about gloom and doom, Cotton just put this engine in and i've only had the dam car since last year. it will go low 11's no doubt, i'm not looking for 10's as it is a t-top car. the gn was a full weight hardtop with a glass hood and steel bumpers, Cotton was the one who drove it into the 10's. my car is on a diet anyways,sway bar gone, aluminum rims, aluminum heads,9"converter, spare tire gone. i wasnt argueing about a stock block gn living long in the 10's but 11.5. that is a bit misleading.
well, I apologize if I offended you, but I grow weary of bench racers that have not BTDT (that is, been there, done that).....

I stand by my opinion (and experience) that 11.5 and down is where things get serious with a stock block.....

you go and do it, and you too will know.....

I wish you success, but go carefully (unless you can shed maybe 300 lbs off your car)
thanks Woody, i'll keep ya posted. just dont think i'm some 16 eyar old dreamer. i'm 27 and been involved with turbo regals since 95 so i know what your saying. i wish someone would give a rundown on all the weight saving parts and list them. 300 pounds sounds like a lot to shed.
Weird things start happening above 600 hp on a stock block. At around 11.0 with REAL good fuel control you can be safe with a 3600 lb car. Farther than that and you're on sacred ground. Yeah people have gone there and lived, others have gotten hurt.
I guess I should stop building my N/A 4.1 block:eek:
The fun part is getting something to last when its not suppose
to or someone tells u it won't ever happen:D
with 30 more cu, you won't have to push it as hard for the same result......if your goals include 600+ hp, be careful!
azgn has a good point. How much does a car weigh? Sure someone can run 10's no sweat in a light car but in a full weight TR, as well as any other car, it takes a lot more power to get there. By this time, the block may be at it's limit. It makes me wonder what I could run if I pulled a few hundred pounds out of my ride? ;)