Found the real problem


Sep 25, 2004
I was tuning my car again this week and could not figure out why it was still not right. 1st and 2nd felt like it was being held by its throat and 3rd would put you in the seat. It was not giving me knock but was really rich. after hella frustration and running out of ideas of what it could be My wife said did you check the computer and see if that new TT chip is correct. So I did and WTF the wrong chip was sent to me last month :mad: I now have problem solved. I'm going to retune this TT chip and let some fuel out and change the timing in the chip. After this tune I should have a beast in 1st 2nd & 3rd. I also just bought on the board 22 row thunder fab SLIC and a 3" internal downpipe and tires just came today. Next track day low 12's is were Im tuning to go :eek:
nice job

good job finding the problem hey when can you take a look at my car give me some pointers im just starting to get to know these engines......