Friday August 3rd Buicks at Old Town


Next months meeting at Waterford Lakes has been cancelled due to another event. The Central Florida GN & T-Type Club will be meeting at the OLD TOWN Friday Night Cruise on Hwy 192 in Kissimmee, FL., Friday August. 3rd. Specifics will be announced next week, anyone interested in Turbo Buicks are can participate. Lots of shopping, restaurants, thrill rides, and of course the best 1973-1987 cars on display. Lets take over this place! We have been having 20-30 TR's coming out to meetings, we might get 40+ for this, Who can make it?

George Macedo
87 GN
Central Florida GN & T-Type Club
Count me in , I'm in orlando for the next two weeks old town is a few exits from me. Another friend will be there also with Gn.Can't wait!!!!!!!
Old Town will be setting aside a special area for Turbo Buicks this Friday, Aug. 3rd.

A Caravan of TR's will be leaving from the Altamonte Springs Steak N Shake (Hwy 436 & I-4) at 6:15pm

Old Town is located on East US192 in Kissimmee, FL. Features lots of Restaurants, Shopping, Thrill Rides and a great Car Cruise for cars made from 1973-1987

Hope to see lots of you guys and gals there!