Turbo Buicks at Old Town, Feb. 12th, 2012

of course SloGN, we've had TR owners drop in from all across the country. One time there was one who was visiting Disney with his family and saw 'Turbo Buicks' on the electronic sign near the interstate and pulled in. Very casual show, Free, no voting, no trophies, nothing like that, just hanging out and raffling items off for charity.
Finally my annual family trip to Florida is the same time as this show. I will be there w the wife and kids, minus the Buick though but I cant wait.
The last one I was at was at the Race Rock... Look forward to taking the ride this year...

Bringin' the kids and a cool frosty one. If I wash the car it will rain according to my son. Cross your fingers.
I plan on being there! Gotta put some road miles on the Bailey ignition system for more testing :) see you guys there!
Tonight the forecast was cold front coming in late Friday/early Saturday and heading out by Sunday. Chance of rain was 10% on Sunday. Thats the latest predictions.
Here's a couple items that will be randomly placed in the goodie bags....


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I used the skycoaster location, show seems to be just around the cormer from it.
2850 Florida Plaza Boulevard, Kissimmee, FL
Here's the Old Town address from their website:

5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee FL, 34746
(407) 396-4888

Best to turn down Florida Plaza Blvd. which will take you to the back of the complex near the roller coaster....



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I am looking for a near perfect Gray dash to buy if anyone has and wants to bring to the show.. Also looking for a front chrome bumper.. I will be coming into town tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks, Dave