Turbo Buicks at Old Town, Feb. 12th, 2012


Isn't that blue PRETTY!!(hahaha)

Awesome pics guys, again we thank everyone for coming out. The one bummer about running a show like this is that we don't get to enjoy it as much as we'd like. Also, we easily thought of at least five cars that are usually always at this show that couldn't come because of health reasons or other plans, so we might have started to approach 60!
Hopefully my GN will be done soon and I can bring it to the next event.

The 87 T is just too plain ugly to bring. :p

And if you need any of my full size pics, let me know and I will put them on my FTP for you.
Hey guys I will hopefully have the photos I took edited and posted by this weekend. It was so great to see so many old friends and make a few new ones. Can't wait till next year!
The car doesn't look this red except in bright sunlight.


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I;m sure I will piss someone off, but I am over GN's - kind of cookie cutter.

I think I will REALLY piss some off when I paint my GN. :p

What color are you plan on painting it? If I could afford another TR, and had space for it, I would like to have another Designers series with the black/charcoal/black paint. I had an 84 Designers series TR but it rusted away on me. I also like the dark blue that they had in 86/87. If I had the dark blue, I would want a grey interior though. Blue on blue is just too much... Another really interesting idea is to take a 86/87 GN and paint the outside like the 1982 GNs that they made 125 cars. I don't know where you would be able to get the graphics for the rear quarter panels. You could do a tribute to the first 125, only with a 86/87 drivetrain. I think that would be unique.