Friend of mine's


There is a darkside
May 14, 2007
Hey y'all.

I just recently did a little video for a friend of mine. His car, a 1987 Toyota Supra is currently under construction. Anyway, he's real proud of it and its building it up. Currently has quite a few projects going on with it simultaneously. And he's done quite a bit of work on it too. Had the head gasket broken when he bought it, and he went in, pulled the block apart until he got to the head gasket, and replaced it with a new one and sealed it all back up.

The car's a little rough looking at the moment because it's got some he's removing. He sanded it down, and today we actually put the primer on the rusted parts and that should stick until he gets the thing painted. (Which will unfortunately probably be awhile) It would be appreciated if y'all with youtube accounts would leave some comments. Myself and my friend Mike would greatly appreciate that.

Oh and, I'll be doing some video's of local car's once a month. So if you live in the Philadelphia area and would like your car filmed, lemme know. :)