Friendly AMG Kill


Sep 22, 2001
A guy who works with one of my buddies has a Mercedes AMG CLK55 , the two door coupe . I think its a year or two old . He just put a supercharger on with a spearco intercooler . He said he did it all custom . Nice car . So of course i prod him and abuse him until he agreed to run me . Hes running 4lbs of boost and those motors put out around 340 stock . So we ran and i beat him by a car length and a half by the 1/4 mark . :D I told him when he gets the 7lb pulley id run his Nazi mobile again . His run was on pump gas and mine was running 25lbs on C16 through my double fuel system , i didnt tell him that though ;)
I have a stock gas tank with an intank pump with pumpgas for 15-16psi general street driving . Also in my trunk is a 10gal. cell to a big Paxton inline pumpfilled with 116 octane VP C-16 for 25lb boost . In my car is the valve to turn up the boost . I shut power off to the stock tank pump , turn on the inline and with the one wayvalves im now on 116 gas . then i switch the solinoid for the return line to send the unused gas back to the cell or stock tank depending on what im using . Its the best mod ive ever done , as most know when running racegas our cars run really nice . The next fun is when i give it a 75 shot off juice with 20psi . That should work nicely with my system . :p