Front Bumper Reinforcement


Jul 9, 2004
When I was pulling my front grill off to clean it I knew I would have to replace the springs as my car didn't have them and my grill was only held on by the three bolts on top. The grill is complete and not broken, so I ordered grill springs from Kirbans and figured I'd put them on when I reinstalled the grill. However...

After I pulled off the grill I found I don't have the holes for the springs, and I also don't have the center bumper grill filler nor the holes for that either. I can only think that the body shop that fixed the bent front bumper many years ago from a slight accident didn't bother with that, and it seems to me like they got the wrong reinforcement. I'm assuming the center filler is to keep the grill off the bumper - my question is should I but a new reinforcement and center grill filler (Gbodyparts has that), or just the grill filler and drill holes myself? If I bought a new reinforcement ( I think the GM part number is 25505367) would that even have the holes?

Is your reinforcement steel? If so,what I would do is get a used aluminum reinforcement. That way,you've got a lighter part and all of the holes that you need.
Also,it's much easier installing the bumper with that lighter reinforcement.

....that's what I'd do.