Front clip parts f/s w/pictures


Dec 2, 2004
1)Original gm(factory) header panel for buick regal(mint condition) with head lites.This is not a replica.has screw hole behind driver headlite needs heli-coil to fix.left some of bumper filler on to keep from losing screws and clips.(also have most of nuts/bolts for panel).no other issues with this header panel.$175.00 plus shipping

2)chrome buick grill.(just need to paint buick letters black)$60.00 plus shipping

3)chrome headlite bezels.(close to mint condition).has a nick on passenger side signal lite have to look close to see it.$50.00 plus shipping

paypal add 3% and postal m/o accepted.


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Consider grill and headlight bezels sold. PM me total with shipping to 84601 and the added 3% for paypal fees.

I can paypal as soon as i get the info from you. Thanks!