Front cover dowel pins...neccessary?


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May 30, 2001
Situation...Girdled stock block and I need to R & R the front cover.
Are the front cover pins really vital? It would be a simple procedure if they weren't there. As you can see, I don't want to remove the girdle to do this!(It's sealed really well)
Let me know if the pins can be removed with no ill effects.
Thanks, Rob
I don't have to remove the girdle...

but I need some type of gasket or sealer between the girdle and front cover. I dont think I can seal the bottom very well having to slide the cover from the front with the dowel pins in the face of the block.
What I would like to do is remove the dowel pins, then put sealer on the top of the girdle and install the front cover with gasket. I just need to know if the dowels really have to be there or if I can remove them without problems.
Thanks, Rob
Here's a little ifno I read the other night. Maybe someone else has more.

Round One - Front Cover pins were not utilized when the engine was being assembled. This caused the front cover to be misaligned on the front of the motor ever so slightly. The oil pump gear ate into the oil pump cover and caused a metal salad throughout the motor. The oil pump shaft was also side loaded in the front cover and ended up destroying the bore that the oil pump gear shaft rides in. Since the #6 rod is the last to get oiled rod knock soon developed.

Lesson Learned - Use front dowel pins when assembling motors. They are there for a good reason.
Total Machine Work Bill For Round One - ~$1200

Hope that helps.
Originally posted by captrob
.......Let me know if the pins can be removed with no ill effects.
Thanks, Rob

What we have done with many girdle installs is remove the 2 cover dowel pins. Install the cover with the bolts loose. Put in the pins, tighten the bottom studs first, then the bolts. if you need to remove the cover later, the pins can be easily removed. Or you can remove the pins just after you tighten the bolts. If you install pins only far enough in the block for alignment, they can be easily removed.
Thanks Guys...

This was exactly the info I was looking for. Nick's way seems to be a great procedure. Sometimes the solution is too simple that you can't see it!
Thanks, Rob