Front cover!

There is a bolt hiding WAYYYYYYY back in a recess on the passenger side above where the oil pump is at....Between the oil pump and where the crankshaft seal is, but close to the oil pump...It is a short bolt...Then the cover a couple of taps with a rubber hammer or something to break the gasket seal if it's been together a long time or never taken apart...

11 the 3 oil pan bolts(if 20 bolt pan, 2 oil pan bolts if 14 bolt pan)...there is also one bolt behind the water pump inlet(where lower rad hose connects to) when the water pump is still have to either take the water pump off or loosen the bolt as much as possible, pull the cover out as far as you can while unscrewing that bolt all the way...
After you find the bolt FJM mentioned above and it still won't come off, have a close look at the 2 locator pins. One is right in the middle of where the crank sensor was mounted and the other is on the opposite side. Mine were shaped like a 'W' [obviously hit by a previous owner weilding a hammer or alike] and I had to pull them out first in order to get the cover off.