front flex brake line


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Jun 2, 2002
1) MY front flex line is leaking near the caliper screw in area & needs replacement. I assume I would not need to take the caliper off just to install a new flex hose?

2) I also notice the FRAME mount is busted where the flex hose meets the brake line at frame.

Would you guys know if they make a fix kit or replacement for the frame mount point tab.
Seems like someone before me used a plastic pull tie to hold it.
I was thinking of making a bracket with a small C clamp.
Not to say that the hose itself isn't leaking, but I've never seen it until they have actually blown apart. Most likely you need to replace the two copper washers that seal the hose to the caliper. Any decent parts store should carry these washers (they are supplied with either the hose / or caliper also). Just don't overtighten the "banjo bolt" when reinstalling, as I have seen people twist them off. As far as the bracket, personally I would have someone cut a stocker off of a donor car and tack weld it back to your frame. Generally these brackets are "keyed" so that the hose can only be oriented in one spot. Good Luck!
I just called a GM dealer for chassis brake bracket. They have been discontinued for G bodies :(.

So salvage yard donor is the best place at this point.
Oh they also screw in so no cutting needed when at yard.

I will check Bweavys site
Little6pack said:
I will check Bweavys site

Write him, I doubt if he'll list something that small. He;s been good in the past about pulling doohickeys for me...

And then as mentioned go with the braded SS AN line.