Front leak


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My tranny is leaking at the front of the tranny where the TC snout enters the tranny. If I remember correctly Bruce said it would either be from cracks in the TC snout, or the front bushing or seal (don't remember which) is bad. I know I need to remove the tranny and checking the TC for cracks. The question is how much needs to be taken apart on the tranny to fix the seal or bushing.


if it is just the front seal all you have to do is pop it out and pop the new one in had to do it before good luck:D
I had the same leak. Pulled the tranny twice and installed new front seal twice. Third time i pulled it was with engine out and took it to trans shop. I asked them to change front and rear bushings, and all external seals. Wallah, dry as a bone ever since. All i can figure is that the front pump bushing was getting pretty worn and allowing the TC snout to wollow out the new seal. BTW, whole job was under $100
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The question is how much needs to be taken apart on the tranny to fix the seal or bushing.
Take the front seal out of the pump first. With that out of the way, you can shine a light in the pump and examine the front pump bushing. Look for uneven and/or excess wear. Also be sure that the bushing has not traveled forward, contacting the front seal.

If you determine that the bushing looks suspect, you'll need to remove your front pump. To do this, you need to first remove the pan and pull the TCC solenoid out of the pump bore.

Take the pump to a shop that can replace the bushing and seal for you and also have the front seal drainback holes enlarged while they're in there. Something else to pay attention to on the pump is the stator support splines; the large set of splines around the input shaft.

If your transmission still has the original stator support, chances are the splines are heavily worn. If that is the case, get a good, heat-treated replacement support installed.