Front skinnies


May 25, 2001
Anyone know if there is anyone making a front skinnie (3 1/2" - 4") wheel that can be used with 12" brakes? I've looked around at some of the F-body stuff and did not see anything. TIA
I dont think the welds will. On the newer fbods the brake rotors are almost 11". Major grinding is needed to clear the rear calipers. Bogart rims can be made to fit. Get a hold of this guy, he more than likely can help you out
I'm more concerned about fit than weight. I figure going to a 4" wheel/tire combo is a big weight saving over staying with a 7" or 8" wheel/tire combo. I'm willing to give up a pound or 2 of wheel weight to get to use a 4" wheel.

I was hoping a 4" Convo-pro would fit. Has anyone tried?????
according to "Jeff" @ Weld the Magnum forged 1 piece wheels will be avaliable in '04 in 17"........... wait and see i guess
A lighter wheel/tire combo for the drags. Keeping my 16" black TA GTA wheels for other driving.