Front suspension - fuel pump and tq conv for sale


I have a couple new or lightly used parts for sale

first off - I have a UMI C5-6 front disk brake adaptor kit installed on a new set of trimmed metric spindles
the spindles were trimmed to fit a Z51 brake rotor , parts were installed for pushing around the garage but
have 0 miles on them
decided to change my mind and go with a Z06 setup with different spindles
$425 plus shipping


second off is a low mileage set of G-Body front upper control arms with new proforged ball joints
they are in nice condition but have a few scuff marks on them -$100 plus shipping

I have a new never installed racetronix 450 fuel pump on a stainless steel hanger with an fittings - no harness just the fuel pump
its setup for a analog dash $260 plus shipping


and finally I have a 9x11 3800 stall lockup torque converter - its been sitting on my shelf for a while sealed up and never installed
$100 plus shipping

I'm in south east Michigan so you know where the parts are coming from
thanks for looking

Jeff M
That’s what I was told when I bought the car and they match their website - now I’m not an expert on g body arms so if you need any further pictures I’ll be more then happy to provide them
Price update - Ill split up the UMI front brake conversion kit and the spindles , if you aren't interested in the spindles
so ill sell the UMI kit for $325 and the spindles for $50 plus shipping

That is correct - any c5 c6 totor and caliper will fit - you just need to trim a hair off the spindles to fit a z06 caliper - there may be other Gm brake calipers that will fit but I would either get a hold of umi or kore6 could help you also