FS: 15 row stock location intercooler *pics*


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This is a 15 row stock location intercooler with a big neck. It has a homemade shroud on it made of aluminum. The scoop will NOT work with the front sway bar unless mods are done to the scoop itself. My car went 11.18 with this ic with a pt54 and unported stock heads running 30psi. I picked up over .3's of a second over the stock ic. I will include the lower bracket that bolts to the timing cover (pass side). I will NOT include the bracket that bolts up on the driver's side. I will also include the hose that goes to the turbo to the neck. This hose has a small crack in it, but does not leak. Lastly, the bolt hole on the driver's side may need to be tapped out.

$300 + shipping Paypal accepted


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