FS: 3.5" Stainless downpipe with Tial 44mm wastegate

I do believe this is a GN1 performance downpipe. It has been so long i just can't be 100% certain.

I do not have a test pipe for it however. I could try to hunt one down for you if you'd like, but it would take a few weeks.

Please send my your zip and i'll look into shipping for you.

I don't see a 3.5" flat surface mount on their website. Is this a older one? Their cost is close to yours.
I looked at there website and the wastegate they offer is a off-brand wastegate, not a Tial wastegate. It is not to say that their's does not work, but i a certain there is a difference in quality. A Tial wastegate alone is $369.
Someone on the board just sold a 3" stainless downpipe for $390, so i feel as though my pricing is not too far off what is fair.

Again this is all brand new stuff, never been mounted before.
i know for certain this will fit with TA headers and stock headers. I am also going to check to see if they will fit on ATR style headers tonight. I will keep you all posted.
update: i checked it out and unless someone can prove me wrong, i would say that this thing will not fit on a motor with ATR headers. Sorry guys.

ktbregal, i did not get anything from you yesterday. Not in my PM box anyways.

Can you send again. Thanks