FS: Brand New Parts - Must See!


May 24, 2001
FS: Brand New Garrett Turbocharger - T04E 60 Trim with a P Trim T4 .81 A/R Housing.

Never used, Never Mounted. 3" Inlet. Asking $550 obo.

Brand New Sy/Ty Upper Air to Liquid IC - Mounts to throttle body - Never used, never mounted - Asking $225 obo

Brand New Turbonetics Raptor Blow Off Valve - Never Mounted, Never Used $175 obo

email me at socaliracer@yahoo.com for more details or pics.


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how much is the blow off valve rated for? does it come with mounting flanges? do you accept paypal?
Just A Six,

The turbo is still available, it's more related to a TA60. In fact it has the identical compresor and and turbine wheel, it just happens to have T4 turbine housing where the TA-60 has the GN style housing.

Hope this helps.
Raptor BOV - SOLD!

I love this forum.

Turbo still for sale. Price lowered to $500 SHIPPED!

Thanks again.