FS: JLT Oil Vapor Catch Can set-up


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I bought one of the larger oil vapor separator kits from SS/GN here on the Forum a while back, and I thought I'd pass along the set-up I replaced ... It is built around one of JLT's (Now J&L Oil Separator Co) billet black anodized 3 oz reservoirs with two 90-degree Push-lock fittings, and has 3/8" rubber hoses leading to/from the PCV and TB line and the reservoir. The TB pipe side has a check valve in it to prevent boost from blowing all the oil back into the TB. I don't have a mounting bracket for it, but the reservoir top as two threaded holes for a mount. You can get something from J&L I believe. Since it was smallish, I just had it placed next to the AC Accumulator bottle, and just let it hang off the hoses. That way when I needed to empty it, I just had to lift it up a bit and unscrew the bottom. The reservoir does have a nice fine mesh trash screen in it. The set-up is in pretty good shape, just a few nicks and scrapes in the black anodizing. Asking $80 shipped to your door in the lower 48 United States ... PM me to claim it ... Thanks for looking!
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Still have this oil vapor catch can set-up ... Happy to consider offers ... Ready to go, includes a check-valve to keep boost pressure from blowing all the oil into the intake system ...
John A, Turbohh
I'm not sure ... I'm not familiar with the hot air cars ... This set-up was on my 87 GN, and one hose connects to the PCV nipple (which I'm guessing you have, but not sure what its location is) at the passenger side of the intake manifold, and the other hose connects to the vacuum source pipe for the PCV that comes off the throttle body ... The hoses/reservoir snake over to the passenger side by the AC accumulator (which you probably have too), and since the hoses are sturdy and the reservoir is light, I just let it hang next to the accumulator ... Hope that helps describe how it hooks up ... If the PCV valve and its vacuum source are on the passenger side of your engine, then this would probably work, although you may need to get a new piece of hose depending on where you decide to place the reservoir. If anyone knows for sure (yes it'll work or no it won't, or it will with this modification) please feel free to advise us both ...
John A, Turbohh