FS: TA Perf SS 3" DP & ATR Style Ext 3" DP + more w/pics


Jul 14, 2008
TA Performance SS Internal Wastegate 3" Downpipe = $350 + Shipping *Does not come w/cutout*

ATR Style External Wastegate 3"Downpipe = $150 + Shipping

Stock Front Cover = $50 Shipped * This came off a working motor. I went with a ported blueprinted one.*

Stock valve Covers = $30 Shipped

Please feel free to call me @ 415-902-0829 with any questions.



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Ext Wastgate DP

I just want to be clear and up front about the Ext DP. It's not SS. It's Mild Steel. I bought the pipe for $200 a few years back and he sold it to me saying it was a ATR Style. I don't know if it's a copy or the real deal. :confused: It works. :)

Sorry for any confussion.
I'll take it first, if it fits a 38mm tial waste gate
Yes it will. I was using a Turbonetics Racegate with it and it worked. If you like you can do paypal plus 3% or send a money order. It's on you. I think shipping should be no more than $28 bucks. Let me know.

Paypal is swilson@telekenex.com or

Ship to: Steven Wilson
10850 Acalanes Dr
Oakland Ca, 94603
I'm sending you a paypal payment

Hey Rafael,

I just refunded your money. I'm sorry both pipes were sold together last night. I was not able to get to a computer last night to inform you. I truley apologize. :smile: :redface: