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Nov 16, 2022
Hey Guys, currently replacing the fuel pump, and the fuel lines end to end. However, I'm not sure if there is a kit that fits the Delphi fuel pump. I have been trying to find a kit that fits, but haven't had any luck. Would love it and really appreciate any help in the right direction. Already spoke with a rep at racetronix, and they confirmed that their kit only fits their pump.
Are you going for a stock pump setup? Would something like this from classic tube or inline tube work?
I purchased the Delphi pump from Summit. I already have had fuel leaks in the past, and want the lines to run as clean as possible with the least amount of adapters as possible to prevent further fuel leaks. So Im leaning towards an AN fitting on the pump, then a braided line to the filter, then a braided line to the fuel rail.
thanks im to dumb to post the link
been thinking about going this direction my vent totally blocked and my return has some rust exterior at most bends like the vent