Fuel pressure dropping during acceleration

If you pull your tank, put a drain on it at a local radiator shop etc. Nice way to empty it for those winter projects that turn into yearly projects.

I do vented cap and tank vent, tank pressure is a sneaky summa bitch and boost likes fuel pressure so it's a rough combo for us.

Walbro 525 is an animal, find from a reputable shop if you're swapping out, lots of Walbro fakes now.
Sure! If you have time, I'll run them, and you can take them with you. Takes about an hour.
What may work well, we will drive thru your area, drop them off, go to Covington and swing by your place on our way out, does that work for you? And where am I headed to drop them off?
Update: Chuck cleaned the inj, they were full of the tank foam residue. New tank on the way, going with the rock auto spectra 307c, and plans to have Don Cruze do hanger, pump, and all new fuel lines to the stock rail. Aeromotive only offered to send me a new sponge after all was said and done. Regardless, for their price on these things, I feel I went the wrong direction 4 years ago. I should have done what I’m doing now. Future updates in a new thread….
How did you make out? Not finding any new threads but apologize if there is one that I'm not seeing.