Fuel pressure regulator.


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I noticed my car started running lean at WOT. I moved my FP gauge to windshield and it never got over 46 PSI. So I started to test the FPR and pressure barely changed when I removed the vacuum line. So while it was idling I tried to blow 8 PSI of regulated air into the Vacuum port to see if pressure would rise and I saw a small amount of fuel come out of the Vacuum port. I am guessing this is the reason pressure wont rise under boost.
It is a standard blue Kenne Bell regulator and I was wondering if someone has a part number for a new diaphragm or repair kit. Thanks
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That Kenne Bell fuel pressure regulator is no longer available, although it looks very similar to a unit that Dennis Kirban offers.
Here's a couple of links to a new unit (so you can see how they both resemble each other ) and also for a replacement diaphragm, not sure if it will work.
Might be a good idea just to replace yours with a new tried and true unit from Kirban Performance,


http://www.kirbanperformance.com/pr...ADJUSTABLE FUEL+PRESSURE REGULATOR+#7602.html

Good Luck

Another question My O2 My was very low at 589 mV but it showed 0 knock. Shouldn't it have had some knock going that lean. Boost was 15 PSI.
Diaphram.jpg I found my problem. This will explain why I was running rich at cruise speeds also.
I just placed a order at Kirbans so hopefully I will be back on the streets next week.
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