Fuel Problem


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ok so my car has been sitting for several years and im trying to get it running again. im having a fuel related problem. i sent my injectors off since one was stuck open and had them cleaned and flowed but no problems where found. i went to prime the car and the pump wouldnt kick on and i found out it was the relay so i cleaned it and it started working. so today i went to start it and there was so much fuel in the car it was coming out the downpipe so i had to disconect the pump so it would start. then it fired up and it ran for like 2 min with no fuel pump hooked up. after i ran all the fuel out of it i pluged the pump back in and primed it and it help around 30 psi or so. i then started the car and the fuel pressure was at 32 with the line on. the car was smoking with raw fuel. there was so much smoke coming out the exhaust it filled up the gaurage really quick and you couldnt breath in there. i turned the car off and un-pluged the pump and tryed to start the car and it ran for about 30 sec. i pulled all the plugs and they where all wet. i know there is no fuel leaking into the motor since it holds pressure. i changed the chip to see if that was it and it still does it. can someone please help. i know one thing is wrong and i need to fix it but i dont have a volt meter. the tps needs to be set as im getting a code 22. any inputs would be great. could the tps be so way off that its making the car run really rich? could it be the ECM or harness. its a 84 with a 87 ecm conversion with a TT chip.