Fuel pump prime test wire

1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
Can someone please send me pics of the fuel pump prime test wire. I'm having problems with my fuel pump and was told to give this wire 12 volts and see if she kicks on ( does this sound correct ? ) Anyway I was told it's located by the alternator but a pic is worth a thousand words. Is there anywhere else I should check for power ( I'm not hearing the pump when I turn the key) thanks for any help.
Thanks that does help a lot. Other than that what other trouble shooting tips are there for checking a fuel pump on our cars?
The connection for the fuel pump is located on the driver side rear under the bumper. You will see a 3 prong connector there. You may try unplugging the connector and place a multimeter on the half that runs to the front of the car. If you turn the key on and see around 12v at the connector then my guess would be the fuel pump is shot. If you don't see 12v then maybe the relay is bad? Blown fuse possibly?

Disclaimer: I am a complete newb so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. I did stay at Holiday Inn Express last night so.....:D
Ok I sent 12 volts to the test wire and the pump kicked right on so now where is the next place I look because it will not kick on when I turn the key on ?
Also , to answer your question - the fuel pump prime test wire is grey color and exits the wire harness on the driver side valve cover, behind the alternator. The green one is for a tach hook-up.
How do I check those relays ? I pulled both of them and there is power going to both connectors ( tested with a multimeter ) and the pluc at the rear of the car gets power to one out of the three pins
There is only one fuel pump relay as described and located as stated above unless you have a "hotwire" set-up for the fuel pump, then you would have a second relay wired to the test wire. If these relays get wet it will kill them so you might buy a spare and swap it out with the suspect one.